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1)  I am posting here jokes and all entertainment contents.

principal: write ur father name in english.

student: temple steps water king.

principal: are u joking

student: no sir, i am serious. my father name is GUDI METLA GANGA RAJU

2)  sweeet insultttt..!

One boy falls near a donkey;

a beautiful girl sees this n says:

enti mee anna kaalu mokkutunnava?

Boy says Avunu VADINA!

3)  Wife: Eam Andi Prema Kosam ShajahanTAjmahal KAttinchadu,Nenu chsthe meeru em Kadataru??Husbnd: Nee Chelli Medalo “THALI” Kadathanu..!!

4)   James Bond and the Telugu Guy

Desi Jokes Andhra Jokes
Once it so happened in a flight that, James bond was sitting besides a Telugu guy..Both were traveling to US.Telugu Guy : “Hello, May I know ur name please?”James Bond : “I am Bond.. James Bond.”James Bond: “and you?”Telugu Guy : “I am Sai… Venkata Sai… Siva Venkata Sai…Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai…. Srinivasula Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai…Rajasekhara Srinivasula Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai…Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Srinivasula Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai …Bommiraju Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Srinivasula Laxminarayana Siva Venkata Sai..”James Bond FAINTS.
5)  The Long distance call

Desi Jokes Pakistani Jokes
In order to develop friendly relationship between the two countries, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf decided to visit each other’s country regularly.The first visit was by Vajpayee to Pakistan. There Musharraf showed him Pakistan’s modern telecommunication systems. It was so good that Vajpayee made a call to the Devil in hell and talked to him for 5 minutes! The bill for the call came to only Re.1.When Vajpayee came back, he also wanted India’s telecommunication systems to be at the best when Musharraf visited India. Suitable arrangements were made.Mushrraf came to India, visited the telecom department and talked to Zia-ul-Haq in hell for 5 minutes. But this time, the bill was Rs. 500!Musharraf asked with a sarcastic smile – “Why are telephone calls to hell so costly in India ?”A High level diplomat gave a smiling reply – “From Pakistan to hell, it is a local call, Sir, while from India, it is long distance!”.
6)  The Exam

Desi Jokes Sardarji Jokes
Sardar Gurbachan Singh is appearing for his University final examination.
He takes his seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of inspiration takes his shoes off and throws them out of the window.He then removes his turban and throws it away as well. His shirt, pant, socks and watch follow suit.The invigilator, alarmed, approaches him and asks what is going on.Oye, I am only following the instructions ‘Answer in brief’.
7)  The Photo

Universal Jokes Office Jokes
ONE day a wife asked her husband why he kept a picture of her in his wallet.”Whenever I have a problem, no matter how big, I look at your picture and feel much better,”he said.”I have that much power over you?” the wife asked, excited.”Yes,”he said,”When I look at your picture, I tell myself that my other problems are not nearly as big as this one.”
8)  When God cried

Universal Jokes Political Jokes
Saddam Hussain visits God and asks him:” God when shall I see the defeat of George Bush.”God replies: ” Son, you will not see it in your lifetime.”Hearing this, Saddam Hussain starts crying and goes away.Gen Parvez Musharaff visits God and asks him:” God when shall I see the capture of Kashmir by Pakistan.”God replies:” Son, you will not see it in your lifetime.”Hearing this, Gen Parvez Musharaff starts crying and goes away.

Laaloo Yadav visits God and asks him:

“God when shall I see Bihar becoming a prosperous and happy state.”

Hearing this, God starts crying.

Laaloo is astounded and asks: “God, why are you crying ? ”

God replies: ” Son, I will not see it in my lifetime

9) The Only Son

Universal Jokes Bar Jokes
A man walked into a bar on a slow night and sat down.
After a few minutes, the bartender asked him if he wanted a drink, and he said
“No thanks, I don’t drink, I tried it once but I didn`t like it!”So the bartender said, “Well would you like a cigarette,” but the man said
“No, I don’t smoke, I tried it once but I didn`t like it!”The bartender asked him if he’d like to play a game of pool, and again the man said
“No I don’t like pool, I tried it once but I didn`t like it.””As a matter of fact I wouldn`t be here at all, but I’m waiting on my son!”The bartender said, “Your only son I presume!!””
10)  Customs Officer

Desi Jokes Tamil Jokes
A lady arrived at the Madras airport after spending 36 hours in transit.She was fully exhausted after such a long trip with her 6 young kids.Collecting many suitcases, the family entered the cramped customs area.A young customs official watched our entourage in disbelief, “Ma’am,” he said, “do all these children and this luggage belong to you?””Yes, sir,” the lady said with a sigh. “They’re all mine.”The customs agent began his interrogation “Ma’am, do you have any weapons, contraband or illegal drugs in your possession?””Sir,” she calmly answered, “if I’d had any of those items, I would have used them by now.” 
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